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What is India-Korea CEPA (Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement)

CEPA stands for Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement. It is an agreement between two nations to form a general economic relationship, including trade in goods, trade in services, investment, and economic cooperation. Although CEPA has a broader concept than a free trade agreement (FTA) that primarily focuses on free trade of goods and services, it is essentially the same as an FTA. It commits both countries to lower or eliminate import tariffs on a wide range of goods and expand opportunities for investments and exchanging services. Korea has phased out or reduced tariffs on 90 percent of Indian goods, while India has done so on 85 percent of Korean goods. * Effective Date of the India-Korea CEPA: January 1, 2010

Importer only needs to submit certificate of origin from Exporter or Manufacturer to the customs house to get the CEPA benefit. Customs Duty of 80% of products can be exempted as utilization of CEPA.

More Information about CEPA Contact : KOTRA New Delhi Ms. Soyeon Yoon

How can I hire Korean employee for my business in South Asia?

Contact : KOTRA New Delhi Ms. Won Hee-NA K-move pdf download

Insurance Programs by KSURE (Korea Trade Insurance Corporation)

Download More information1/ 2 Website of KSURE :

What is Economic Cooperation Work Program (ECWP)?

Economic Cooperation Work Program(ECWP) is a new approach of economic integration seeking common prosperity with partner countries by addressing trade issues and easing trade hurdles across borders. ECWP aims to facilitate free trade by identifying trade barriers and resolving them through business facilitation projects which establish a foundation for businesses running overseas as well as foreign investment companies entering emerging markets.
In accordance with the Implementing Arrangement for Economic Cooperation pursuant to Chapter 13 (Economic Cooperation) of the Free Trade Agreement between the government of Korea and Viet Nam, KOTRA has carried out ECWP since 2017. The areas of cooperation are focused on industry; agriculture, fishery, and forestry; rules and procedures for trade; and other fields such as supporting policies for SMEs, statistics, fair competition, and investment. Directed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MOEF) of Korea, ECWP had laid a groundwork to develop a constructive partnership between Korea and Viet Nam and expect to achieve a fruitful win-win outcome. More Information about ECWP Contact : KOTRA New Delhi Mr.Chae Jeong Hoon


KSP is a comprehensive policy research and consultation program launched by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Korea (MOEF). KSP supports policy efforts to promote sustainable socio-economic development of partner countries based on Korea’s development experiences. More information about KSP Brochure, website Contact : KOTRA New Delhi Mr.Chae Jeong Hoon