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Human Rights and Ethics Charter

As a public institution, KOTRA establishes the principle of prioritizing people for national happiness and prosperity of civil society and vows to protect the human rights of all stakeholders including employees, customers, business partners, related agencies and local community.

To this end, we support the international standards and norms on human rights, and pledge to enact and implement the Human Rights and Ethics Charter.

One, we shall strive to prevent the violation of human rights in advance and to actively relieve any such violation.

One, we shall not discriminate on the grounds of race, religion, disability, gender, place of birth, political views, etc.

One, we shall not permit forced labor in any form.

One, we shall not permit child labor in any form.

One, we shall guarantee freedom of association and collective bargaining among employees.

One, we shall provide workers with a safe and comfortable working environment.

One, we shall make transparent and fair transactions with business partners and advise them to implement human rights and ethical management practices.

One, we shall conduct social welfare activities and seek cooperation in the course of business to promote the human rights of local residents not only domestically but also overseas.

One, we shall comply with environmental regulations at home and abroad and respond to climate change.

One, we shall respond promptly and accurately to our customers’ needs and protect customer information collected in the course of business.

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