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I wish you and your family a perfect safety and security amid this Corona Virus disaster.


Korea has shown the most preemptive and efficient 3 T(Trace, Test and Treatment) systems and Korea’s successful models have suggested one of the most effective and efficient anti COVID 19 pandemic measures.


Under this trend, Central·State governments and proliferating companies in South Asia have expressed their will to establish strengthened relationship in business and investment with Korean government and companies.


South Asia Head Quarter from KOTRA, Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency’, has arranged  ‘Online Korea Expo 2020, South Asia’ to cope with this requests and 116 Korean companies with 250 premium products are participating in this Online Pavilion from 22nd June to 17th July.


Especially, we have paid special attention to inviting world class Korean products and companies in the fields of Safety products, Pharmaceutical and Medical equipment, Home working, Education S/Ws, Contents and premium Korean Consumer goods whose popularity were proven here.


We will develop this event into your ‘Business and Investment Gateway to South Korea’ and anticipate your support and participation.


Thank you once again.

Sincerely yours.






Moon Young, Kim

Managing Director, KOTRA South Asia Head Quarter

with its 9 branch offices in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka