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Invest Korea January 2022

Industry -Automobile Industry

Cover Story - Robert Seidenkranz, CFO Schaeffler

Experience Korea -Suwon Hwaseong Fortress

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Invest Korea December 2021

Industry - Robotics Industry

Cover Story - Investing in Innovative and Sustainable Korea

Experience Korea - “Aewol-eup Town, Jeju Island”


Invest Korea November 2021

Industry - Secondary Battery

Cover Story - Josep Piqué

Experience Korea - Innovative Capital


Invest Korea October 2021

Industry - Display

Cover Story - Chris Raciti, Chairman, Australian Chamber of Commerce in  Korea

Experience Korea - Stimulating Innovation


Invest Korea September 2021

Industry - Semiconductor

Cover Story - Kim Sung-jin, Foreigner Investment Ombudsman

Experience Korea - Noodling Around


Invest Korea August 2021

Industry - Biopharmaceutical

Cover Story - Tay Lai Wat, CEO, Prestige BioPharma Korea

Experience Korea - Captivating in Costume


Invest Korea July 2021

Industry - E-commerce

Cover Story - YU Jeoung Yeol, President & CEO, 

                        Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency

Experience Korea - Remote Rewards


Invest Korea June 2021

Industry - Cultural Contents

Cover Story - James Kim, Chairman & CEO, AMCHAM Korea

Experience Korea -Sci- Tech Hub


Invest Korea May 2021

Industry - Renewable Energy

Cover Story - Sean Blakeley, CEO of BCCK

Experience Korea -Cycling Sea-nery


Invest Korea April 2021

Industry - Hydrogen Economy & Future Mobility

Cover Story - Yeong Cheol Seok, President of Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology

Experience Korea -Hallowed History


Invest Korea March 2021

Industry - The Data, Network and AI

Cover Story - Rene Koneberg, Managing Director, Audi Volkswagen Korea

Experience Korea - To Higher Heights


Invest Korea February 2021

Industry - Industrial Automation

Cover Story - ChenFai Chung, Vice President & General Manager, North Asia

                       Emerson Automation Solutions

Experience Korea - Relishing Retro in Gunsan


Invest Korea January 2021

Industry - ICT

Cover Story - Shawn Chang, Head of Invest Korea

Experience Korea - Nature's Way

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KOTRA Express December 2020

Industry - Korea's Aerospace Industry

Success Story - Alessandro Recupero, CEO of Intercos Korea

Experience Korea - Baeksuk (Korean chicken broth porridge )


KOTRA Express 2020 November

Industry - Food and beverage (F&B) industry

Success Story - Gudmundur Jonsson, Head of College, Dulwich College Seoul.

Experience Korea - Sujebi (Hand-Pulled Dough Soup)


KOTRA Express 2020 October

Industry - Korea's Machinery Industry

Success Story -Andre Nothomb, Executive Vice President/Head of Government & Public Affairs - Asia Pacific, Solvay APAC. 

Experience Korea - The Korean Dining Table


KOTRA Express 2020 September

Industry - Korea's Fashion Industry

Success Story -Richard Molin, Country Manager & Head of Operations, Hoganas Korea Ltd. 

Experience Korea - Superb Suwon Specialty


KOTRA Express 2020 August

Industry - Homeconomy and Sanitary Goods

Success Story - Kwon Pyung-oh, President & CEO of KOTRA 

Experience Korea - K game


KOTRA Express 2020 July

Industry - Automobile

Success Story - Endrik Hasemann and Jacek Brozda, Beiersdorf Korea

Experience Korea - Flavor Perfected with Patience and Care

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KOTRA Express 2020 June

Industry - Drone

Success Story - Fredrik Johansson, Country Retail Manager, IKEA Korea

Experience Korea - Bojagi

202005 kotraexpress.png

KOTRA Express 2020 May

Industry - Smart City

Success Story - Jenny Chu, Honorary Ambassador of FDI Promotion

Experience Korea - Food Delivery Paradise

202004 kotraexpress.png

KOTRA Express 2020 April

Industry - Display

Success Story - Chistoph Heider, President,

                           European Chamber of Commerce Korea(ECCK)

Experience Korea - Tteokbokki

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202003 kotraexpress.png

KOTRA Express 2020 March

Industry - Comestics

Success Story - Niu Jianjun, Country Head for Korea & General Manager,

                           Industrial Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)

Experience Korea - Mother of Pearl

202002 kotraexpress.png

KOTRA Express 2020 February

Industry - Wearable Technology

Success Story - Ben Eum,Technology Industry Lead & Principal Director 

                           of North Asia, Element AI

Experience Korea - Chopsticks

202001 kotraexpress.png

KOTRA Express 2020 January

Industry - Renewable Energy

Success Story - John M. Kerry, President of John Kerry Energy Solutions, LLC 

Experience Korea - Chugugi (Rain Gauge)