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Since its establishment in 1962, KOTRA has played an important role for Korea in becoming one of the world's largest trading nations. By supporting the global business of Korean enterprises and paving the way for new markets, we have helped facilitating the growth of the international business as a whole. We have also promoted and supported inbound foreign direct investment and the business growth of foreign investors in our country.

As the governmental trade and investment promotion agency of Korea, KOTRA strives to create new opportunities that further increase the trade and investment partnerships between Korean SMEs and foreign enterprises through various trade promotion services, comprehensive support services for inbound and outbound investment, as well as employment support for a talented global workforce.

Today, in preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we place a special emphasis on supporting partnerships and cooperations between Korea and other countries, especially in new sectors such as cultural contents, services, bio-technologies, AI and IoT.

In addition, it is also our role to help both domestic and foreign-invested companies take full advantage of Korea’s expansive free trade network. Korea has free trade agreements with 55 countries including the U.S., China, and the EU, which account for 77 percent of the global economy.

With 129 offices in 84 countries, KOTRA is here to serve you as a global business platform. Our goal is to contribute not only to Korea’s economic growth but also to the growth of partner countries by being a socially responsible corporation and sharing our development experiences.

I hope that you join us on this journey of shared growth and prosperity.