Investors worldwide convene amid the coronavirus crisis via KOTRA's hotline service

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

-KOTRA, launched a hotline service via 36 overseas offices

-Started to help making short IR promo videos for local governments & businesses

Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA: President and CEO, Pyung-Oh, Kwon) set up a virtual hotline where entrepreneurs meet with investors worldwide, as part of measures to promote investment activities that have been almost stalled in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. As the novel virus has forced millions to work from home, which makes it harder for many businesses to hold meetings with its counterparts in person, KOTRA’s 36 overseas offices have started to help the companies secure real-time connectivity with their local business partners.

The hotline service is also available for those in need of remote meetings; industry experts, project managers, investment advisors, and anyone who’ve built relationships through face-to-face interaction to reach out to potential business partners or investors.

What’s called ‘online investment attraction IR’ is planned to be open via the hotline service. Starting from Beijing, China at the end of this month, the IR takes place on a monthly basis, providing potential investors with useful information on IKMP(Invest KOREA Market Place) business model or strategic directions. The service may spread across Europe or North Americas if the world starts to slow the virus down.

KOTRA also stepped into the process to help making short IR promo videos, while running a one on one coaching session for how to perfect a startup pitch. Once the ad-materials are created, they’re shared with targeted investors with help of KOTRA’s overseas offices.

In addition, the agency helps subsequent online business negotiations remain open all year round, particularly for those who might otherwise have joined major world trade shows such as Mobile World Congress 2020 or 2020 K-Life Startup IR Festival, without the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Head of KOTRA’s Invest Korea, Chang Sang Hyun, said “now, in the time of new normal after coronavirus, I believe, is the time to think outside the box in regards to the way we attract foreign investment. By making a concerted effort with private-public partners, KOTRA will keep working on making our hotline service a platform of investment promotion, IR and a startup pitch. “

Published: 2020-04-29 KOTRA


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