Korean Brand Pop-up Store

KOTRA Karachi will open the Korean Brand Pop-up store in Spring Store, Karachi. Spring store is a premium distributor, targeting middle-upper class. Korean companies will get a chance to show their products in Pakistan.

The goal of Pop-up store business is to promote Premium Korean Brands in Pakistan. In the first phase, around 10 Korean companies will display 30 products in Pop-up store. We categorize all the products in 3 sections K- Beauty, K-Living and K-Food.

This project aims to extend Pakistani customers’ experiences and increase Korean Premium brands reorganization in a different and creative way.

Pakistani Customers can have a chance to experience high-quality Korean premium products in one place. By combining many brands, awareness and popularity of Korean brands will increase.

However, the opening date is being postponed because of Corona19 cases in Pakistan. Hopefully, we will open the Pop-up store from the end of Jun. 2020.

Even if the situation is not good, KOTRA Karachi will do our best to help Korean companies to enter Pakistani premium consumer goods market.

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