KOTRA to open a contingency service during the COVID-19 pandemics

KOTRA KBCs to reach out to local buyers on behalf of SMEs in Korea, facing coronavirus travel restrictions and bans globally

With rising number of countries imposing entry ban on Koreans due to the expanding coronavirus outbreak, businesses in Korea suspended all work trip schedules. The travel restrictions have crippled already struggling SMEs to find sales channels worldwide.

Amid the COVID-19 epidemics, videoconferencing is becoming the new norm to stay in touch with clients but that doesn’t mean it covers everything to run business. Still, some of work process, typically running a demo prior to signing a deal or getting authorized for business permission on the ground, requires in-person meetings, which makes it way harder for many enterprises having few options.

To help these companies grappling with overseas marketing, KOTRA is embarking on a new contingency service. KOTRA overseas offices (KBC) across the world turn into a local branch to handle business on behalf of SMEs stuck in Korea because of coronavirus closures.

When you apply for the service, highly experienced KOTRA KBC officers on site respond on behalf to local buyers in real time. The service coverage extends from sampling simulation, customer relationship management, local distribution network opening to face to face marketing & branding. It is highly anticipated that the service can help businesses in Korea well keep in touch with overseas networks by re-engineering communication channels for virtual meetings.

For more information, contact KOTRA Middle-Standing Enterprise Department or call 02-3460-7438.

Published: 2020-03-03 KOTRA

Link: http://www.investkorea.org/en/news/notice.do?mode=view&articleNo=486182&article.offset=0&articleLimit=10

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