Universal fuel pump for automobile

  • Namyung Lighting is one of the top manufacturers and worldwide suppliers of automotive halogen bulbs, Xenon HID lamps, and LED lamps 

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    universal fuel pump for automobile, a lot of brands such as Hyundai, Kia, GM, Toyota is availabe.
    EFI Fule pump is well-known high technology of car fuel system. And It needs correct system and technical facts for safety and efficiency. Our long-established knowledge of mechanical tech and carrer can make a new chapter of Fuel-pump!Various types of fuel pumps and related parts, you can contact in the Contacts page. The picture is a sample of photos of hundreds of products you can ask the products for a variety of vehicles around the world for your application.Order Fuel Pump for a Variety of Vehicles!
    fuel pump,to supply from fuel tank to engine,various kinds of fuel pump,which are EFI pump,In-line pump,and mechanical pump.
    We deal with many polyurethane products made with famous material known as VOLLKORAN.
    Rock Drilling Tools.
    Korea manufacturer of hydraulic repair seal kits for excavator, wheel loader, hyd breaker, hyd hammer, constrcution equipment, earth moving equipment 

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