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  • Since its foundation in 1989, DAEMO has become one of the leading manufacturers in Hydraulic attachment business in Korea. To satisfy customers, we constantly invest on R&D and develop new products to meet the demands of international market and clients.
     In order to become a total solution provider for any construction sites, We provide various kinds of attachments such as Breaker, Shear, and so on.
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  • Alicon, The premium breaker brand of DAEMO, is lighter and has a higher striking power. It boasts not only improved durability by all-new design, but also reduced main & subsidiary components. These Alicon’s special structure reduce maintenance costs significantly.
    Anti-blank firing system protects the entire durability of internal components. depending on the work condition, 2-step stroke valve adjusts a strike to adequate speed [TPC].
     Moreover, As Optional functions, Auto grease system and low-noise function will resolve difficulties of midtown construction. 
    l Became Lighter, Stronger and More Powerful than ever..
    l Enlarged the diameter of T/Bolt improved its durability.
    l Swithed Box Housing to bending design for more durability.
    l Diversified 20 products lines to fit to any work conditions.
    l Redesigned chisel pin has improved durability.
    l Enlarged chisel’s diameter improved more powerful impact.
    l Anti Blank Firing system increased the life of breaker(Chisel Pins, T/Bolts, F/Head, etc).
    l More options : Anti Blank firing On/Off valve, TPC system (2 stages stroke valve), Internal Relief Valve, BPM adjust Valve, Provision hole for underwater works and Auto Grease System.

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