Anti-Rusting Oil

  • Buhmwoo makes Nature-friendly Life of Humans. Real eco-friendly products should be safety-considered as well as pollution-minimized. Buhmwoo strives to develop products safe for people and nature. The world of humans and nature in harmony - It's what Buhmwoo dreams of Resources are Limited,Creativity is Unlimited.Buhmwoo's independent R&D institute established firstly in the chemical industry of Korea.Over 7% of annual sales invested in R&D.R&D staff - 25% of total employees.We continued challenges with our vision to lead the future with our own technology.We add value and grace to customers' competitiveness with advanced technology and the best product.

  • Unchangeable Value with World-Class Anti-Rusting Oil With excellent anti-rusting, removability and oil stain resistance, Buhmwoo's anti-rusting oil which was selected as a world-class product in 2013 is being recognized in the Korean and overseas markets. Korea's proud anti-rusting oil - It's made by Buhmwoo.
    Main Products
    1 ) Solvent Dilution Type
    -Solvent dilution anti-rusting oil forms a uniform oily film because it is made by adding solvents of low viscosity to anti-rusting additives of high viscosity and anti-rusting effect.

    - Types

    KP-1, KP-2 : Suitable for long-term anti-rusting operation (products for export and long-term storage)KP-3 : Suitable for short-term or medium-term anti-rusting operation (products for domestic supply)

    2 ) Lubricating Oil (Anti-rusting Lubricating Oil)
    - Buhmwoo lubricating oil containing no solvents mainly consist of mineral oil and lubrication additives.As the anti-rusting additives for steel sheets and coils in the steel production process, those oil have various functions in addition to anti-rusting.·Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Steel Sheets:Preventing hot rolled and cold rolled steel sheets from rust and oil stain.
    ·Galvanized Steel Sheets:Preventing galvanized steel sheets from rust and oil stain.
    3 ) Volatile Anti-Rusting Oil
    - Containing VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor), these oil have double effects of anti-rusting film (oil film) and anti-rusting additives volatilized in closed space when applied to the materials' surface.
    (However, volatile anti-rusting is effective only in the closed space.)·Classified into two types: solvent based oil and non-solvent based oil (mineral oil) according to whether solvent is contained or not.

    4 ) Water based Anti-Rusting Oil
    - Buhmwoo water based anti-rusting oil able to be diluted with water is eco-friendly and harmless to human body without using solvent containing VOC. ·Emulsion Type : Its undiluted solution is composed of mineral oil and additives, and the solution diluted with water shows ivory color Chemical Type : This type basically containing water is still transparent even when diluted with water.

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