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  • NewAuto Precision is doing domestic sales and exports water pumps, oil pumps, tensioners, OAP(Overrunning Alternator Pulley) and idlers both Korean auto-parts market and global market which includes more than 50 countries such as Japanese, American, European market and so on. As a result of that, we made a trusted network based on the spirit which our customers are the members of our family. Therefore, the quality of our products receives high evaluations continuously.

    Since 1985, with continuous efforts in research, developed work and advanced technology, we are focusing on increasing QC. We are the only company which operates die-casting, manufacture, assembly, and QC test in a lump in Korea. It means that we have our own frontier spirit and the variety quality certified system.

    We are not satisfied with the present circumstance, so we will do our best and make continuous efforts in order to build a stable foundation of auto-parts production for the future.
    We would be willing to reply interest of our customers and offering the highest quality and the most reasonable cost. We will also create the better future with modesty and passion.

  • Oil Pump. Oil decreases friction in an engine, where every movement always has to be smooth, and that is possible by the use of an oil pump.

    The water pump is tightened with a bolt on the water part of the cylinder and circulates the cooling water by power delivered from the drive belt/gear of the water pump

    A tensioner is a device that maintains a timing chain which makes a timing gear in crankshaft and another timing gear in camshaft in tension.

    This bearing, installed in an automobile wheel, plays a role in transmitting power.

    OAP has a clutch in a pulley and relaxes irregular vibration of rotation. 

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