d'Alba White Truffle Vital Spray Serum 100ml

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  • ① Red plant-derived blending oil comfortsskin fromstressandsoothes deeply!

    ② Patented ingredients ensure powerful moisturizingandboost theskinbarrier
     -AQUAXYL™ :A moisturizer combined with GlucoseandXylitol derivedfromnatural birchandbeech.It shows excellent visual improvement effect on theskinsurface within24hours thanks to moisture retentionandmoisture loss prevention. 
    -Beautiful Herb Story™: Anti-oxidant,anti-wrinkle,anti-inflammatory efficacy/soothing&rejuvenatesskinwith four herbal complexes obtainedfromnature
    -Lora Anti–S ™ :Relievesskin fromstress caused by environmental irritation/anti-oxidation,anti-inflammatoryskinprotection&soothing


    ③ Prevents sagging !Pore tightening&sebum control effect!
     - AppleMint Leaf ExtractandLemongrass Extract provide astringent effect to ensure refreshing effect and firming of pores.


    ④  Toner+Mist+Serum+Essenceinone shot! All-in-one Serum!
    -Nutrition&antioxidants:Tuber Magnatum Extract,Olive Leaf Extract,Eucalyptus Leaf Extract- Soothing: Tea TreeExtract,Hibiscus Extract,PotmaryGoldFlower Extract, andLotus Extract
    -Moisturizing:Chamomile Flower Extract,Pomegranate Extract,GreenTeaExtract, andEight-layer Hyaluronic Acid 
     -   Oil andmoisture balance:Lavender Flower Extract,Salvia Extract, andCommon Jasmine Extract


    ⑤Reliableandsafe ingredients 
     -Freefrom 19harmful cosmetics ingredients /Dermatologist tested

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