• Make imagination a reality
    with the world's best 3D printing technology
    Carima is a predecessor of the CK industry, which manufactured photolithography machines,
    and was founded in the year of 2000 by Lee Byung-guk with the idea of “carry + imagine” for a 3D printer.
    Carima is the oldest and specialized 3D printing manufacturer in Korea with 23 patents and 63 patents under pending.
    In addition, Carima won numerous technical awards such as the Prime Minister's Award.
    Carima is being introduced as a representative 3D printing company in Korea in the Wohler’s report.
    Since 2015, Caima had been working to create new markets by collaborating with specialized companies
    and research institutes in various fields (Dental, Medical Device, Automotive, etc.)
    besides manufacturing resins for 3D printer.
    First, our goal is to help customers maximize their profits by printing what they want.
    Second, reducing the time and labor required for post-processing step-by-step.
    This makes it possible to earn higher profits per unit time.
    Third. It can help to develop and print materials that were previously impossible to print and process.
    Print it out so that you can pursue profits.
    Our final goal is to go a step further and study new 3D printing areas, such as bio, NEW industrial
    (dental, consumer technology, automotive, and other global manufacturers). We also contribute to the development and prosperity of humanity and the world by developing in conjunction with
    software, hardware, material development companies, research institutes and schools

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