Dr.Clo Disinfectant Stick

  • Dr.Clo, a product registered with the U.S. FDA, which has undergone various tests in Korea and Japan.
    Dr. Clo is very safe product for the old, children, pets and all people produced with materials which passed the all procedures of safety verification in USA(FDA), Japan(MHLW), WHO and UN. It turned all paradigm of existing way of deodorant and has strong effect of sterilization and disinfection with unpoisonous, immediate efficacy and safety. Dr. Clo is the new type of sterilization, disinfection and deodorant which is blocking the possibility of being resistant bacteria.

  • Dr.Clo disinfectant stick Product NameRefrigerator Sterilizing Deodorant StickBrandDR.Clo for refrigeratorFeatureEco-FriendlyShapeSolidAdvanced : 99.9%sterilization, removal of bad smell, Keep food and groceries fresh, anti-bacterialMade in KoreaType : for household, for refrigerator, for car,for pet, for bathroom A new type of Sterilization & Deodorization stickNo Electricity required No smell No need to spray or wipe off

    Product of  NON Corp.

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