Negative Pressure Machine + Air Purifier

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  • 1. Our ARDC -2502 meets the high standards of CDC and KCDC (Korean Center of Disease Control and Prevention) 
    : maintaining negative pressure in a hospital room that can accommodate 1-6 patients (max. 67 ㎡ with 2.5m height)


    2. With our high-performance BLDC motor, operators can freely control the level of  output from 0 to 100 depending on the situation.


    3. Normally, it can be used as an air purifier but switched to a Negative Air Machine in case of an emergency.


    4.  In addition to the triple filter, apply carbon filter to remove VOCs and deodorize.


    5. UV LED is installed at the bottom of the main body sterilize air and filters and can be used 
    semi-permanent for more than 10 years.


    6. When using the air purifier, It can measure CO2, VOCs, Fine dust, Temperature, and Humidity 
    and automatically operate. 


    7. By applying double filter damage prevention mechanism, It can secure filters against unexpected behavior from operators.


    8. High-rigidity toggle clamping filter for easy filter replacement and prevention of leakage.
    (Patent application: No. 2020-0034174)

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