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  • Y Solutec Co. LTD (CEO Kim Hak-Kwon) was established in 1976 as plastic mould manufacturing company.The company is currently producing not only plastic moulding but also IT, semi-conductor, car & digital electric/electronic core parts, and KMOLD System, and was selected as promising export medium enterprise(1999), venture enterprise of the year(2000), Leading company in parts material export(2001), and enterprise of world finest 100 product(2002) since the firm established plastic applied technique research center in 1995.Also by continuous R&D, achieved Jang Young Sil Award twice(1995 & 2001), ISO9001 certification & UL certification, and also achieved KT mark, Q mark, and EL mark.With this technology that led Korea mould industry, we are constructing R&D HUB center to research and develop plastic mould, press mould, die casting mould, RP mould techniques and core component material technique & engineering system and growing mould experts.This will be the HUB of mould & core component material technique that connect front industry and back industry.So the demand of customer or market can be summarized in all stages from idea, product planning stage to design, mould, injection, production, and market sale stage.The firm is going to grow into engineering company that provides customer-close solution with this HUB center as basis.

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