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Probiotcs, lactic acid bacteria , health funtional food

  • Namsoo Paik / Type of business: manufacturing, prepared health foodQuality of life is now important due to the remarkable development of various medical technologies.The best bioengineering talents gather to achieve the idea of ​​"PROBIOTICS IS MEDIOGEN" and are making real efforts.Until the day that "Write PROBIOTICS, Read MEDIOGEN" becomes, we will continue to research and develop.We strive to pursue a healthy life for humans through PROBIOTICS.A company that can contribute to the improvement of the quality of life is the corporate spirit pursued by Mediogen.

  • "Can one kinds of probiotic be applied to anyone?"Starting with these questions, we have created the "LavisenSeries".Since 2000, MEDIOGEN has focused on research, development and production basedOn its passion for good probiotics.And then based on its accumulated know-how and abundant experience, MEDIOGENhas been developing "personalized highly functional probiotics"Lavisenseries.TheLabisenseries has 3probiotic products for children and 3probiotic productsfor teenagers and adults.AllLavisenare supplied with a sufficient amount of probiotic bacteria per productto ensure their inherent functionality and have the optimum number of viable bacteriato survive to the intestine


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