Q-Switched Nd YAG LASER

  • LTRA GLOBAL specialized and  manufactures high quality laser system with cutting edge technology

  • Miin is Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser system to treat a variety of pigmented lesions.Q - switched means an optical device (Pockels cell) that controls the storage or release of laser energy from a laser optical cavity. Q-switching is a means of creating very short pulses (5-100 ns) with extremely high peak powers.Our laser system emit nanosecond pulses to photo-mechanically target submicron strctures in pigmented skin lesions.Laser TypeQ-switched Nd:YAG laserWavelength1064/532nmPulse Duration(nm)1064 Single8~10ns5328~10nsQuasi200us1064 Double8~10nsPulse Energy(Max.)1064 Single1.4J5320.5JQuasi3.5J1064 Double2.5JRepetition RateSingle, 1~10HzBeam Delivery SystemArticulated arm withhandpieceAiming BeamLaser diode,633nm/1mWCooling SystemInternal water to air heat exchangerElectrical Power100 - 230VAC, 50-60HzDimension(mm)320(W) x820(L) x880(H)Weight(Kg)75kG


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