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Superoxide Dismutase Produced By Fermentation Process With Microorganism

  • We develop custom-optimized enzymes through molecular evolution using smart library generation and microbial display-based high throughput screening. 

    With fungal and bacterial secretion systems, we custom produce the evolved enzymes through large-scale fermentation, then purify and formulate the enzyme products with sophisticated downstream processes.

    Besides GenoFocus' current enzyme portfolio, our current and future R&D endeavors focus on developing enzymes to alleviate health problems associated with digestion, gastrointestinal disease, inflammation, autoimmune disease and aging. 

  • Superoxide dismutases (SODs) constitute a very important antioxidant defense against oxidative stress in the body. The enzyme acts as a good therapeutic agent against reactive oxygen species-mediated diseases. The present review describes the therapeutic effects of SOD in various physiological and pathological conditions such as cancer, inflammatory diseases, cystic fibrosis, ischemia, aging, rheumatoid arthritis, neurodegenerative diseases, and diabetes. However, the enzyme has certain limitations in clinical applications. Therefore, SOD conjugates and mimetics have been developed to increase its therapeutic efficiency. Here, an overview is provided of some in vivo therapeutic effects observed with SOD.

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