Synthetic Orthopedic Casting Tape

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  • Top Management for Tomorrow of Casting  tape and Splint : TOMATOM MEDICAL AND CHEMICAL CO.,LTD.

    Tomato M&C was established on 2005, and president Yun, YoungJin has 20years manufacturing experience for himself with designing and maintaining the manufacturing system. That’s why we are the only one company who have automatic packaging line from 2012.

    President MR.YUN has chemical engineer background and so it is possible to let us get updated resin skill too.

    This industry was built up two decades ago in Korea and now many of Korean manufacturer s  do good business in the world.

    We are delivering our product to Korean domestic market throughout over 100 medical devices agent partner from Seoul to Jeju Island and exporting over 30 countries, including USA, JAPAN, CHINA, SOUTH EAST ASIA, EU, MIDDLE EAST, NORTH AFRICA, CENTRAL AND LATIN AMERICA with long term relationship.

    We use different material for its upper layer and lower layer and our pad splint has good repuation among our competitors as of its looking and quality control matter.

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