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Toothpaste for Pregnant Women, Organic Toothpaste

SKU: Daejeon 2-1
  • 2005 : R&D on Natural Toothpaste Establishment of CELL FOR ONE for Research and Production of Natural Drugs in 2016 Corporate Ideology : Commercialization of natural substance along with the nature  Business Categories : Oral Care toothpaste  Korea Consumer awards 2016 Natural toothpaste manufacturing enterprise / OEM Exporting countries : Vietnam, China, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia Certificate of product-specific approved exporter - FTA (ASEAN, China, EU) Promising small and medium-sized enterprises for export(2018~2020)  Main products : toothpaste for pregnant women, toothpaste for gum disease, natural toothpaste, child's toothpaste

  •  What makes pregnant women's gums weak?
    1. During pregnancy, you go through various changes such as hormonal changes or vasodilation, etc.In particular, during pregnancy, your teeth and gums become weak and thus blood may flow toward the gums, making gums bleed and swell. This is called gestational gingivitis. Such gum diseases can affect the fetus, increasing the risk of premature birth and low birth weight babies by sevenfold. Even worse, heighten the risk of toxemia. To prevent such risk, it is important to use toothpaste with natural ingredients free from any chemicals to protect pregnant women and the fetus. Also, make sure to brush teeth with a soft toothbrush.
    2. During pregnancy, saliva changes and the mouth always feels sticky, allowing bacteria growth - Since 1996,  scientists all over the world have demonstrated: Pregnant women with gingivitis, periodontitis will increase therisk of miscarriage, premature birth 2-3 times, prone to preeclampsia, premature babies to light weight (less than 2.5kg). When the mother gets gingivitis, periodontitis, some harmful bacteria will appear in the mouth. These bacteria move from the oral cavity to the placenta, increasing physiological concentration in amniotic fluid, causing premature labor, premature birth, and low birth weight.
    3. Pregnant women often eat a lot of meals in small numbers so the mouth always contains acids that can cause tooth decay. Toothpaste for whom during pregnancy and breastfeeding (4 types: Apple, Grapefruit, Golden Kiwi,Blueberry) Prevention of Pregnant periodontitis and gum diseases Contains active ingredients for pregnant women (Folic Acid, Gold, Xylitol, Natural extract) French Eco-Cert Organic Raw Materials and USDA Organic Raw Materials Korea, China and Russia(validation test certified)
     1. PULIEF Mom's Apple Toothpaste  2. PULIEF Mom's Grapefruit Toothpaste 3. PULIEF Mom's Golden Kiwi Toothpaste 4. PULIEF Mom's Blueberry Toothpaste

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