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  • THE PIONEER in the field of ULTRA V LIFTING SYSTEM”Ultra V Co., Ltd. is a company that develops, manufactures, and supplies medical devices and functional cosmetics to domestic and overseas markets. It also manufactures PDO-Polydioxanone and PCL-Poly-Caprolactone for use in dermatology and plastic surgery. In order to supply more effective and safe products, we are carrying out clinical verification and diversifying our business through the affiliated Dermaster Clinic.The medical suture, widely known as Ultra V-Lifting, is a representative brand of Ultra V. Based on the advantage of maximizing anti-aging effects with simple procedures, the range of application is getting wider with various treatment techniques.Ultra V Cosmetic is pioneering new cosmetics market by launching high functional anti-aging products that are used in domestic and overseas hospitals based on patented technology and many years of clinical experiment.As a leader in biomedical beauty, ULTRA V will take the lead in developing innovative products.
  • Ultracol is the only and the first PDO filler in the world that is approved by KFDA. Most of the countries worldwide have used PDO for surgical sutures for more than 30 years. The safety and biodegradability of PDO are well recognized globally. In comparison with other fillers, Ultracol has the least side effects or inflammatory reaction.In terms of collagen stimulating effect, Surface area of a vial of Ultracol(200mg) is equivalent to around 1,400pcs of PDO thread ‘Mono 29G 38/50mm’.Ultracol is the only microsphere PDO filler in the world that is developed with unique micronizing technology of Ultra V. Thanks to its patented technology, treatment time and patients' pain are reduced remarkab

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