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UVC air sterilizer

  • The LICHTZEN Specializes In Industrial Application Of UV Source Including Lamp. LICHTZEN specializes in the R&D , manufacturing, distribution and service of a wide variety of specialty UV Lamps And Related UV Source. We maintain a global manufacturing network to supply our products in markets throughout the world Such As USA, Germany,Japan, Europe. 
    LICHTZEN will continue our walking to be the best company in the UV field & won’t save our efforts to provide you with best product and servies.
    We LICHTZEN, Manufacture UV Lamps, MIR lamps & other special lamps by ourselves.
    Our production line equipped with high tech facilities like ultra high pressure vacuum evacuation systems and electrode treatment ovens. 
    *Exposure UV lamp radiates 265nm~420nm (peak wavelength 365nm)ranged UV Lights Such As Mercury, Metal Halide , Gallium Lamps. 
    Production capacity is 200W/cm through 600W/cm and other specifications are also available as well as our standard series. 
    Our Products are mostly optimized for liquid resist exposure process photoengraving process and UV ink curing process And ideal for photoengraving.
    *MIR lamp provides high efficient fast drying to automobile, plastics, glass, textile, metal & the other various fields & industries in 2~6um wavelength & has superior energy absorption rate as well as good energy transfer characteristics. 

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